Salesforce Makes Email Marketing Smarter with New Einstein AI Innovations

Today, at Salesforce Connections, we’re excited to announce new Einstein AI enhancements to Marketing Cloud that will empower brands to increase customer engagement with relevant and timely email marketing messages–an invaluable channel for marketers. The latest State of the Connected Customer report shows that 64 percent of customers prefer email communications over other digital channels such as mobile and social media. And for every $1 a company invests in email marketing, the return is $42.

Salesforce is the leader in marketing automation and the preferred email service provider amongst companies worldwide, sending 4.1 billion personalized emails per day for customers such as State Farm, e.l.f. Cosmetics and Conagra. During Cyber Week 2018, the busiest time of year for retailers, Salesforce sent 20.6 billion emails on behalf of customers and powered 22.8 billion Einstein engagements such as product recommendations within email and mobile messages.

Einstein Engagement Frequency enables marketers to know the right number of emails to send to customers based on their previous interactions.

Available today, new email marketing enhancements include:

·       Einstein Engagement Frequency: Marketers know that it takes more than one email to engage a customer. But how many emails is too much, and at what point does a marketer risk fatiguing their audience? With Einstein Engagement Frequency, marketers know exactly how many emails to send to customers in order to keep them engaged.

·       Einstein Send Time Optimization: Just as important as knowing how many emails to send, is knowing when to send those emails to a customer. With Einstein Send Time Optimization, AI automatically predicts the best time to send marketing emails to optimize customer engagement and avoid creating unsubscribers.

·       Einstein Content Tagging: Marketers turn to their content libraries to find the best, most engaging images for their emails. In order to access and manage these assets, marketers historically had to manually create image tags–a cumbersome and imprecise process. Einstein Content Tagging uses image recognition to automatically and accurately tags thousands of images within a content library, helping marketers save time and locate the best images.

·       Transactional Messaging: There are two types of email and mobile messages that brands send to customers: promotional and transactional. Promotional messages offer discounts, coupons and other incentives encouraging customers to view or buy products. Transactional messages include purchase confirmations, shipping notifications, password resets, financial alerts and appointment reminders. With Transactional Messaging now part of Marketing Cloud, customers can easily integrate transactional and promotional messages into the same campaign. Now, companies can understand the complete customer journey, ensure a single voice is being used for all messages and embed promotional content in transactional messages and vice versa.

Transactional messages ensure that customers receive critical communications alongside promotional messages.

Here’s what people are saying:

  • “At Naehas, we are focused on providing solutions that deliver personalized offers and communications for our clients across financial services and other highly regulated industries. That’s why we turn to Salesforce Marketing Cloud and are excited to leverage Einstein Content Tagging on behalf of our customers,” said Nick Antonelli, Chief Customer Officer, Naehas. “Einstein Content Tagging will help them minimize the use of assets within email marketing campaigns that aren’t resonating with customers, and assist with the identification of new images while enabling the re-use of those that are highly effective. Not only will it improve personalization, but it will also enhance the image library based on actual customer engagement.”
  • “Since Salesforce introduced Marketing Cloud Einstein, companies have been able to better engage with their customers with personalized marketing campaigns–increasing the effectiveness of campaigns while lowering costs,” said Rebecca Wettemann, Vice President of Research at Nucleus Research. “The Einstein enhancements made to Marketing Cloud today will empower marketers to go even further in delivering relevant and timely email marketing, which continues to be an incredibly important channel for brands.”
  • “Brands seek the ability to predict customer wants and needs, and deliver personalization at scale for email, mobile marketing and all other channels. AI-driven approaches empower marketers to take the guesswork out of knowing when to send and how frequently to send marketing messages, improve efficiencies with content tagging and complete the customer journey with transactional messages. The end result is higher engagement through contextual relevancy and improved conversion rate optimization,” said R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst and CEO, Constellation Research, Inc.

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