Workato Recognizes A New Generation Of Enterprise Automation Innovators

Workato, the leading intelligent integration and automation platform, announced today the winners of its first annual customer awards program. These awards honor teams that are transforming their organizations with Workato and showcasing the vast potential of enterprise automation. Winners include: Broadcom, Coupa, Enbridge, Intuit, Nutanix, Rapid 7, Slack, the top logistics company, and Zillow.

“A huge congratulations to all the winners, who are truly driving big change in their organization,” said Vijay Tella, CEO of Workato. “We’ve been blown away by all the innovative ways our customers have used Workato to streamline their operations, improve key metrics, and achieve next-level results.”

“Our employees generate thousands of IT tickets every year, so we are always trying to find ways to improve our fulfiller along with our approver experience,” said Brian Nath, an IT lead at Intuit. “Slack is a big part of our workforces’ work life and we wanted to bring their work into Slack. We have been able to not only move work into Slack for the employees but also improve our onsite tech’s productivity by using the simplicity of Workato to integrate with our Device Management tools. This integration allows our techs to be hands-off, allowing the integration to assign and deploy the asset in ServiceNow.”

Workato recognizes the companies that have excelled in driving dramatic results in the following categories:

  1. Innovators of the Year: Nutanix uses Workato to automate processes across almost every team in the company. These automations include a self-serve security checkup workflow that employees can access from Slack, automated provisioning for virtual machines, and a bot-based ticket triage and assignment protocol. This empowers employees to take the initiative and fix potential security problems on their own.
  2. AI Pioneer: A leading logistics company leverages Workato to coordinate with an RPA tool that retrieves up-to-date shipment information from retailer portals, pushes the data into their logistics management system, and monitors the process for errors to reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). They are one of the world’s 10 largest providers of transportation and logistics services, operating in 32 countries with over 50,000 customers.
  3. Bot Wizard + Automation Everywhere: (double award winner) Slack uses Workato’s Workbot to power a chat-based sales Deal Desk, streamline paid time off (PTO) approvals inside of Slack, and give employees access to ongoing training and education. Every employee at Slack is empowered by Slack’s Systems team and the automation power of Workato.
  4. Business Impact (highest ROI achieved): Enbridge shifted its strategy from local integration brokers to Workato’s cloud-native platform after the acquisition of Spectra Energy, successfully integrating dozens of HR apps into a unified HR hub. This large-scale project allows the addition of new employees from acquisitions to join the company’s processes like payroll without any problems.
  5. Ground Breaker: Rapid 7 not only automates their quote-to-order process with Workato, but has also created a Customer Success bot that makes it simpler to triage support cases and cuts research time in half for the Customer Success team prior to customer calls. Now, support agents can have reports of key customer data delivered to them instantaneously—rather than compiling the data themselves.
  6. Employee Experience: Intuit’s 8,900+ employees generate thousands of IT tickets every year and they wanted to bring their work into Slack. Through the power of Workato and its OOB connectors, the team was able to implement workflows through Slack to enable their workforce to work faster. Approvers can approve/reject directly from Slack. Fulfillers can assign, update, and close out Incidents and Requests without having to log in to ServiceNow. They can generate tickets from messages in Slack to ensure all their work is tracked. It also streamlines work for the IT team who needs to fulfill these requests.
  7. Productivity Pro: Broadcom powers its employee provisioning process with Workato. By allowing managers to automatically request items according to their requisition lead time and track provisioning via rich-emails, Broadcom has made onboarding faster, dramatically increased new employees’ productivity in their first week, and reduced the IT/HR resources needed to onboard a new employee.
  8. DevOps/Operations Excellence: Coupa has transformed the way its IT and development teams work by re-imagining the incident management process. From beginning to end, crucial steps like incident notifications and tracking are now automated, which improves response times and minimizes stress for the teams.
  9. Rapid Adoption: Zillow automates its processing of employee data with Workato, making it easier for employees and others to access relevant information conveniently from anywhere. It is also empowering its employees to interact with other apps from Slack for greater productivity. The Zillow team started building recipes during their first Workjam and had automations in production within weeks. In the following six months, they got more than seventy active automations up and running on Workato.

Workato provides a single platform that IT and business teams can use to integrate data across cloud and legacy apps, automate full business processes, deploy Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powered bots to automate work, and deliver integration and automation projects 10x faster. Over 4,300 of the world’s fastest growing companies use Workato to automate business-critical processes like employee onboarding, order to cash, lead management, and more.

For more information about the award winners or use cases please visit the Workato blog.

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Workato is the operating system for today’s fast-moving business. Recognized as a leader, it is the only intelligent automation platform that enables both business and IT to integrate their apps and automate even the most mission-critical workflows without compromising security and governance. Workato is trusted by over 4,300 of the world’s top brands and fastest growing innovators. For more information, visit or connect with us on social media:

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