How to Build Brand Loyalty on Your Landing Page

Your landing page is your opportunity to make an impression on your target audience. If it connects on an emotional level and has a clear and transparent purpose, site visitors are more likely to identify with your brand. Building loyalty often takes a bit more time, but your landing page is a start to a long-term relationship with new customers.

For most businesses, around 65% of their revenue comes from an existing customer base. Connecting with your customers to build a relationship from the moment they land on your page through the ordering process is key to remaining competitive in your industry.

Though many elements tie into how loyal people are to one brand over others, we’re going to go right back to the beginning—that first impression when a user lands on your page, and how you can build brand loyalty from the first few seconds when a new customer sees what you offer.

1. Consider Visual Aesthetics

It takes milliseconds for someone to form a first impression of your website. The overall design has a significant impact on whether the person stays or bounces away. Building brand loyalty is difficult if the person can’t stand to look at your page because of the design. A visually pleasing design draws site visitors in and keeps them there long enough for you to make an impression.

2. Place Contact Info Front

Place your contact button where users see it from the minute they land on your page. Would you want to do business with a company lacking contact information? In addition to a contact button, consider having a live chat feature right near on the bottom of the page. These elements should be above the fold so users see them the instant your page loads.


Solomon Consulting Group offers an excellent landing page to begin to build trust with potential clients. When you land on the page, the contact us is at the top, and a live chat feature appears in both the upper right and the lower right corners of the screen. Placing the live chat button in multiple locations encourages interaction and shows this company wants its site visitors to get in touch.

3. Focus on Voice Branding

Voice is the wave of the future online—about 27% of the younger generation uses voice search on their mobile devices. Podcasts grow in popularity from year to year, and people expect a level of interactivity never before seen online.

Voice branding is the wave of the future. The average person listens to several hours of audio content each day, and the majority of Americans listen to weekly audio podcasts. One way of developing loyalty is showing site visitors you offer a podcast and voice search from the minute they land on your page.

4. Personalize Results

Create more than one landing page to tailor your content to different audience segments. For example, if you have locations in two cities, target locals in City 1 with one landing page, and users in City 2 with a second landing page. The more specific you make the pages for each audience, the higher the chances they’ll become loyal fans of your business.

5. Create a Streamlined Experience

The user experience of your site is something customers tend to remember. Have you ever visited a website and grown so frustrated over non-working features or hard-to-find pages that you bounced away and went to a competitor’s site instead? Aggravating your customers is the opposite of building brand loyalty with your website.

Instead, ensure every element on your landing page works seamlessly. Test all buttons and make sure the sales funnel is clear, so users go from landing on your page to the action you’d like them to take almost instinctively. If you aren’t sure whether your landing page performs well, implement some split-testing models and see what elements need changing and what works well.

6. Offer a Loyalty Reward

Another essential item on your landing page is placing your loyalty program front and center. If users feel rewarded for doing business with you and telling others about you, they’re far more likely to return to your brand for future purchases. Discounts increase the likelihood a consumer does business with you by about 77%, so place discount info and programs front and center on your landing page to encourage brand loyalty.

Kings Island Landing Page Example

Kings Island offers a season pass with a lot of extra perks if you sign up. Not only is it cheaper to visit multiple times, but Gold Pass holders get free parking, discounts on food and bring-a-friend discounts. By highlighting the season pass and the benefits of it on their landing page, they attract loyal park visitors who will buy the pass year after year.

7. Make an Emotional Connection

In a recent study, experts found companies that make an emotional connection have customers with a 306% higher lifetime value, and who are much more likely to recommend the brand to others. Your landing page must make an emotional connection with your readers, and the best way to do that is to figure out what their emotional pain points are.

If you sell kitchen tables, perhaps you could create an appeal to people who want a cozy kitchen where the kids can do their homework, and the whole family can gather. You would then tap into those emotions to grab the user’s attention and show them you understand where they’re coming from. Tapping into their emotions begins building brand loyalty because you seem to understand the consumer.

8. Remain Consistent

Keep your landing page consistent with the overall tone and look of your brand. Around 63% of consumers say brand consistency impacts whether they spend money with a brand. If a customer visits your Facebook page and then your landing page, the overall look should offer recognizable symmetry.

Gain Trust

In addition to the minor elements that draw in users and make them want to give your brand a try, pay attention to trust indicators. Add reviews of your brand, testimonials, and any memberships in industry organizations or business organizations. When a consumer sees others are happy with what you offer and you aren’t afraid to put reviews of your brand out there, they are much more likely to give you a chance and begin building a relationship that creates loyalty.

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