When it comes to digital transformation, the question for traditional telecom and cable companies isn’t whether to start or not, but about how and where to start.

Our new research on the telecom industry revealed some fascinating insights in this hyper-competitive and dynamic industry. Digital leaders in the telecom industry are focusing on and investing in improving customer experiences as a means to improve their bottom lines and differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded market.

Key findings

  • Digital marketing is a strategic priority for the telecom sector, with an average of 46% of total marketing budgets being assigned to digital.
  • Telecom marketers are twice as likely as other companies to view big data as an exciting opportunity for the next 12 months.
  • The vast majority of telecom companies (73%) say their marketing activities are integrated to some extent, with only 5% saying that there’s very little or no integration.
  • Two in five (44%) say the ability to utilise technology to its full extent is a key challenge, while another 31% see it as an issue.
  • Despite a large investment in mobile, almost a third (30%) of companies operate with mobile marketing as a separate team.

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