Building Intelligent Automations

There are many tools that claim to enable Intelligent Automation, but most require integration specialists and have long deployment times. Only one type of platform works seamlessly with AI tools and has built-in bot framework, an Enterprise Automation Platform. Workato’s Enterprise Automation Platform is twofold: It provides a strong iPaaS foundation, to enable part two: intelligent business process automation.

Enterprise automation can be updated and adjusted by business users such as Business Systems Analysts and app admins Field mapping between applications is assisted by Workato’s Recipe IQ, a tool that uses machine learning to analyze the recipes that have been added to our online recipe (automation) library to recognize integration patterns and make suggestions during the development process.

From Integration to Automation

The beauty of iPaaS and intelligent automation is that companies can expand a flexible framework of connectors and trigger events that can blossom into fully automated workflows. It takes businesses beyond the paradigm of point-to-point integration. Although integration is a powerful concept that has brought about many changes in industry, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Multi-application automations allow one application to auto-trigger an action in another that auto-triggers an action in another.

If integration is the fascia that unites the disparate corpus of business applications and processes, the muscle between the bones, intelligent automation is the electricity that ennervates the system and makes dynamic action possible with minimal external manipulation.

Workato enables companies to implement enterprise-wide automation, without worrying about uncertain costs for different automation projects.

To see how you can implement intelligent automation and the Workato platform, request a demo from our team.