Branding and Design

A brand is defined by the values it holds. Solomon Consulting Group is known for providing comprehensive brand management services. The journey of your business’s branding begins with the realization of what separates your organization and services from the rest of the market. And we help you sort that out. We create the finest branding and design strategies for companies. From chalking out the core brand values, to inclusive visual identities, we conceptualize the character of your brand while also ensuring the following:

  • Brand Engagement: This includes events or campaigns, as part of the brand management campaign. Though these are sometimes called experiential marketing, they are on-ground and live sets the ground for the brand’s promotion by bringing a good amount of engagement. This is, therefore, the kind of exercise that directly involvescustomers, calls upon and urges them to participate in the process of evolution of the brand.
  • Whom you are targeting: A business would obviously like to reach out to as many people as possible, and focusing on a segment may seem like limiting your brand’s reach. However, to begin with, understanding the target audience is an important step towards choosing which section to address first. The effect of your message depends on whether you are able to identify your target audience correctly. Solomon Digital Marketing helps you in the vital task of defining your target audience.
  • Brand identity: This refers to two things. First, how your company’s business wants to be seen by your consumers, and secondly, the uniqueness of its products. The brand’s display components such as its name, tagline, and logo designing are to be done in such a way that it mirrors the company’s core values through which the company is trying to appeal to its customers. Solomon refines your brand identification process assisting you in strengthening your company’s marketing strategies through effective brand management.
  • Targeted Audience awareness:It is essential that your target audience knows about your brand to accept your product’s promotion. Our branding strategies begin with ensuring that there is enough awareness among the intended customers about your brand. We make sure that they are familiar with the vision and mission of your organization.
  • Your message to the Audience: The entire idea of a company’s online marketing campaign is to put across the right message to the target audience at the right time. And the central message is not touting your service or product, but to tell them the services or the benefits your customers will get if they choose your brand. Our brand management experts create the precise message for your brand’s target audience.

While we create a robust and result-oriented strategy, we also make sure that it agrees with the overall business goals and corporate objectives of your company.

Our ultimate satisfaction lies in assisting our clients effectively define, refine and accomplish their goals. And these are not just our intentions, but our proven record and hard core, real world experience.

Web Designing

A company, once it gets its brand identity and logo designing done in the correct manner, it is ready to move on to another key component, and that is, perfect web designing.. Your corporate website is like your brand’s face to the outside world as a huge number of your product’s customers reach out to you through your website.

At Solomon, we understand that while web designing for a company, it is essential to consider the company’s functional requirements like SEO, interface and readability, along with the elements of design which include space, line, balance, color, shape, form.

A marketing effort needs planning and foresight in order to succeed. Our holistic approach to web designing has been proven to bring substantial search engine rankings; create continuity in the brand’s theme; maintain navigation and a user-friendly interface; minimum page layers; maintain a back of content and images backup from the old website.

That we have hundreds of happy clients with successful websites is an evidence that our web designing philosophy works for sure.

Solomon Consulting Group presents itself as a company that packages effective brand management, and a result-oriented web designing; a company with comprehensive digital marketing services. Get in touch with our business development to experience our expertise brand management.