Campaign Management

Running an effective campaign process is one of the key challenges that any marketing organisation faces. Maximizing ROI on your Campaign Investments. It is not just about the process efficiency but also about having a profit driven decision making process so that the investments in campaign can stand internal scrutiny. Often marketing teams are challenged by the CFOs to prove the ROI on marketing campaigns, therefore it is critical that ROI tracking is hardwired into the campaign management process.

We can provide you analytical services across the key stages of campaign management:

1) Campaign Planning and Experimental Design

We will work with your marketing team to build and execute test plans. The planning will be done based past campaign results, test performance and business priorities. The key deliverables from this stage are:

  • Conceptualise a long list of test programs with clear test hypothesis with success criteria.;
  • Create a framework for evaluation and prioritisation of tests.
  • Create experimental designs for the selected tests.
  • Execute the tests.

2) Optimising Campaign Volumes

We will overlay the propensity model output and future profitability model and build a tool to optimize volumes across various offer, segments and channels. This tool will maximise the ROI on the marketing investment that you make and will help you answer questions like:

  • What is the optimal allocation of database across various products and segments?
  • What is the most effective channel plan keeping business objectives and regulatory environment?
  • What should be sequencing strategy across campaigns?

3) Campaign Database Management

We will create and maintain the databases for every campaign following the agreed exclusions and business rules. For trigger based programs we will build required software modules which will link the trigger data with the transaction processing system. All trigger based campaigns will be delivered on an agreed frequency. We will ensure delivery of databases as per the agreed SLAs and a dashboard will be prepared to compare performance against SLA .

4) Periodic tracking of various programs on response and profitability

We will conduct response and efficiency rate analysis on an ongoing basis. Once the response has stabilized and there is enough observation period, we will conduct in-depth profitability review of the campaign to estimate the ROI of the campaign and various programs within it. The results will be presented through web enabled dashboards. They will be used to fine tune pricing & targeting and drive the test plans for future campaigns.