Marketing Automation Service

Solomon Consulting Group offers Marketing Automation Services to help you increase the success of your marketing activities. Our team works with you to optimize your current instance to quickly unlock additional value.

Consulting Services:

Audit – Marketing Audit services include discovery sessions with your team to understand your specific needs and instance nuances, as well as the review of your instance and detailed recommendations for enhancement and improvement to ensure you are utilizing Marketing to the fullest. Recommendations will be documented and reviewed with your team upon delivery.

Lead Lifecycle & Scoring – Lifecycle and scoring are critical components to ensuring alignment between your sales and marketing teams. We have worked with hundreds of companies to help define their lead lifecycle and scoring programs. Documentation is also delivered to your team so that everyone understands how the programs function and can be used as a point of reference when making updates to your programs in the future.

Engagement Marketing – There are several factors to consider when creating and running your marketing programs. You want to ensure that the communications match the target audience, and that you are providing your leads with relevant content for their stage within your sales funnel.

Our team of expert consultants can help you Be Ahead and build your brand by assisting your team with the creation of a variety of programs. We can aid your team in the creation of programs that go beyond standard, out-of-the-box functionality to leverage the tools to really engage with your audience.

Tracking, Reporting & Attribution – Tracking and reporting on marketing activities is critical. You need to understand where your most profitable leads are coming from, the channels that generate the most opportunities for you, and a host of other metrics so that your marketing team knows where to invest time and dollars. Our team understands that reporting and attribution is a pain point for many organizations, and we can help!

Tracking leads helps you to grow profitability through marketing opportunities.

 Account Based Marketing (ABM) – There’s a lot more to ABM than simply creating tiers of target customers and marketing to them, and we’re ready to move your ABM process forward. We want you to have a best-in-class ABM program. This starts with an underlying data audit and meetings with your team to understand your goals and KPIs for ABM. We work with your sales and marketing teams to align on ABM strategies, campaign execution and measurement.

Web Personalization – Create personalized, engaging experiences for your website visitors with web personalization extension. Enlist our experienced consultants to assist with implementation, segment identification, campaign creation, creative services, coaching and training on all areas of the web personalization tool.

There are a number of ways to create a personalized web experience for your visitors and our team is here to help you reduce the time to get up and running with web personalization.

 Ad Bridge – Want to bridge the gap between your Marketing database and social media? Display personalized, targeted ads on social media with Ad Bridge. Ad Bridge solution offers you the capability to connect your Marketing lead data to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. Our team can help you create campaigns and reports so you can make important decisions on getting the most out of your marketing dollars on these networks.

Data Quality – Inconsistent field values? Missing information? Want to improve the quality of your reports? Work with the Solomon Consulting Group’s team to identify improvements that could be made to your program structure and processes to improve data quality. We analyze the information in your database and make sustainable recommendations that will help you better manage your valuable prospect data.

Subscription Center, CASL, CANSpam & Deliverability – Improve the deliverability of your database. The Solomon Consulting Group’s team has completed a number of subscription center and email deliverability projects. By developing an understanding of the unique issues your business faces, we work with you to improve deliverability and better manage your prospects. Emailing to other countries? As different countries are adopting their own email and communication laws, our team can help you with a plan to comply.

What’s in it for you?

  • Grow revenue
  • Measure marketing contribution to revenue
  • Fix current issues in processes and implementation
  • Increase the efficiency of your marketing team

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