3 Ways to Move Faster and Be More Strategic with Marketo Engage

With more people working from home than ever before, in-person events replaced with digital experiences, budgets are being rescoped, and brands are focusing more on serving rather than selling. It’s a time of reflection for many personally and professionally. It’s also an opportunity to pause, take stock, and prepare for the new normal that is quietly emerging.


Why Automation is Vital to Any Marketing Strategy

By now, marketing automation is nothing short of mainstream in the digital era we find ourselves in, but we may only be at the beginning of the revolution. According to Grand View Research, the marketing automation industry could be valued at $7.63 billion(!) by 2025, which means there’s no better time than now to adopt an automation solution in your own practices. Before you do, though, let’s explain what marketing automation is exactly, and the benefits your company can reap from implementing it.

5 Steps for Marketers to Prepare for the Coming Cookie Disruption

Is there any connection between a marketer and a 4-year-old kid?

Guess what? They both love cookies.

Marketers have been tracking website visitors, logins, shopping carts, and more with these cookies. But lately, cookies, these tiny text files with small pieces of data, are in real danger. Google announced the end of third-party cookies on its Chrome browser. Many marketers have shown worry about the same message.

Breathe Life Into Your Data | Tell Compelling Stories Via Data Visualization

Time and attention, as ever, are at a premium. Especially when we must work within the limitations of speed and resources while information and markets move and change ever more rapidly. AI and machine learning make it possible to gather, analyze, and interpret data into actionable insights at inhuman speed. But this data must be understood, translated, and shared. Quick, clear, and compelling data visualization allows you to present large amounts of complex information as a powerful story for any audience.

Leads Nurturing

Lead Nurturing Campaigns | 6 Tips From a Small, But Mighty Marketing Team

Everyone is going to have their own story to tell when we reflect on the start of 2020. As marketers, we will talk about the enormous role of digital and how it impacted our jobs and our businesses. Some of us had to find the quickest way to move to a digital offering, and others had the challenging task of improving their business strategy.

When families faced life in lockdown and children began distance learning earlier this year, parents needed support, resources, and tools to help manage. According to UNESCO, 80% of children globally (1.37 billion students!) were studying at home due to school closures last March to control the spread of Covid19. And several surveys of parents showed they felt stressed, burnt out, and found supporting their children at home difficult. We saw how our product filled a needed gap in the market. There was a window opening up, and we had to jump through it. Literacy Planet was primed to help families in lockdown support their children’s learnings.

Continually Improving the Customer Experience: The Evolution of Automated Marketing Tools

Automated marketing tools have evolved over the last few decades, giving generations of marketers new and innovative ways to engage with their customers. That’s not going to stop anytime soon. Automated marketing technology continues to advance rapidly. And over the next few years, it’ll change the way people experience your brand and interact with your company.

I think we are entering the age of the customer experience platform.

Workato and its 14 Amazing Features

Today’s modern business uses over 1000 different applications including both on-premise and cloud-based apps. In addition, business and personal productivity apps like social media, calendaring and chat are the key parts of daily activities and enterprise needs to handle all the data scattered across these apps. Only with the automated integration platform, a business can leverage the full power of its data in its multiple applications. The automation platform requirement for the present and future could not be a patchwork of software like in the past. This is where the Workato iPaaS platform appears.

It is a single platform, which addresses all the essential use cases needed for integration automation like application/process/workflow automation, data & device integration, master data hubs, API management, modern B2B/BPO and bots/conversational UX. This blog lists down the various features of Workato that make it as the leading iPaaS platform worldwide.


5 Ways Marketing Automation Makes Engagement Easy

As marketers, we are always looking for ways to automate, optimize, and make things simpler for ourselves so we are able to run more programs, produce more content, achieve higher ROI, and the list goes on. What’s more, less than half of consumers say that brands could do a better job engaging them. Customers now expect an engaging, personalized experience. But creating engaging, personalized experiences for our audiences is an aspect of marketing that most marketers find difficult, and at times insurmountable. This is because to effectively engage with your audience you need a deep understanding of what they are actually doing and connect with them on a personal level at the exact, right moment. In today’s data-filled world, it isn’t the collecting of data that’s hard—it’s the use of that data to create those experiences across channels that are difficult.

Neuromarketing Data | Level Up Your Marketing Analytics Strategy

As customers and technologies evolve, marketing analytics is likely to remain essential for marketing teams across industries to demonstrate ROI, and forward-thinking companies will look to leverage neuromarketing insights for added depth and confirmation of metrics.

It’s important that your metrics and marketing analytics measure with accuracy and purpose. Not only will those actionable insights guide you to improved marketing performance, but they will also show the connection to revenue and profit – numbers the C-suite finds most compelling.

Although spending on marketing technology may be less difficult to secure than hiring more staff, the budget must be justified. Demonstrating marketing ROI is a must. Numbers, or it didn’t happen. Hunches and word-of-mouth and sunny second-hand stories about great marketing performance don’t hold much water.